What is Gradient?

Gradient is the future of staking on the TAO network, and your very own way to turning TAO tokens into flexible assets.

Earn rewards and stay frosty in the DeFi space, all while your investments keep growing. Simple, secure, and savvy – Gradient is the one place where your TAO tokens can fully thrive.

Stake wTAO

Stake any amount of wTAO and unlock rewards right away.

Get swTAO

Instantly receive liquid swTAO to start earning rewards.

Drive into DeFi

Leverage your swTAO in DeFi for even more reward possibilities on top of your daily earnings.

Reap the Rewards!

If you hold GDT Tokens, you're automatically diving into the magic of rev-share! When you grab some GDT – you're getting a slice of the protocol's earnings!

Safety & Security

[ In Progress ]

At Gradient, keeping your stuff safe is our top job. We use the latest tech to protect your
investments and make sure everything's secure, so you can relax and focus on the good

Here are some Certik audits covering the protocol >






After the Token Generation Event, Gradient will keep its operations in-house for six weeks. After that, we'll switch to a DAO system. This means GDT token holders will have a say in important decisions and changes at Gradient through the means of proposals, snapshots, and voting.

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